Stone Age Of Machines


“Stone Age Of Machines”

Even 99% of our DNA is similar to monkeys but humanbeings manage the world. Do you know why we dominate the world not them? According to Dr. Juval Noah Harrari; Human can collaborate more & do business & live in a very large groups. We are increadibly adaptive.

It’s been 200.000 years for us, homosapiens, and we have invent & found lots of tools during tis time.
Since the invention of wheel, the most interesting ones we have achieved are industrial revolutions. Each industrial revolution has its own results like 1st one: Thanks to the steam power, machines managed to produce bigger, larger. By 2nd industrial revolution; electricity was found and mass production started. 3rd one developed electronic devices and automation controllers. 4th one is related with convergence of physical and cyber systems. Hardwares and softwares. Communication – internet. Human Robot Co-operation. They were talking to us. Machines have just started talking to each other. Everything will be integrated. So what will be the results for new industrial revolution?

1st – Big Data, Connectivity : Digital world produce millions of data in each second.

In 2016 with the latest technological innovations; humanbeings produce more information in one month then they have produced in million years. Distance between me and my grandfather is small, me and my father big, me and myson is lightyear.

Example: Which means you can reach whenever you need. Even from your mobile, from your tablet or from your computer even television. There are lots of advantages but the second one; when you lost your computer; you can continue to your work from another computer. Doctor needs to have lots of tests to decide whether you are pregnant or not but you can receive discount for your baby without any pregnancy test “just with the data” (consolidated data – collaboration of machines  credit card, geographical location, information on web)

There are 250 people on instagram 500 friend on facebook but how frequently do you communicate with them ? Machine can communicate and get the answer in seconds. They stay connected with all peers.

2nd – Technology & Machines: Simple machines-Mechanical machines, complex machines-mechatronical machines: electronical and mechanical. Smart Machines: electronical, mechanical, software, even social.

Example: Let me make it more clear – We used to send our packages manually. Then by cars. As Benjamin explained us many beautiful way now its time send by drones.

They have artificial intelligence and they can collaborate each other and minimize work load.

3rd – Economical Results for human: No Jobs for human? If we don’t improve ourselves unfortunately yes!

We used to cook by fire. Now integrate our personal knowledge & experience by cooking in the owen. Now its time to collaborate with people who knows Information Technology to produce 3D chocolate.

Example: Adidas is a German brand.  They have several factories all over the world. They establish their companies based on countries that has cheap human resource; like china, indonesia, vietnam. They use newest technology a factory without human for production Now they started to close all factories because they dont need human power anymore for shoe production.

One person couldn’t send rocket to the Mars. More than one technology and collaborative work can do this.

Where we have been and where are we going …

Eventhough technology makes our life easier, even the simpler communication methods are invented, people get more and more anti-social everyday. Generation z behave more individual and they are not collaborative as their ancestors. We can reach any information,  anytime and anywhere, but somehow we stop communicating & collaborating. “best business in the world called personalization”. There is a line divide us humanbeings and monkeys. Monkeys are intended to be more selfish. We were not. Our ability is coming from collaboration. It’s the golden age of humans but it is the stone age of machines. Machines has just started to collaborate, communicate, cooperate. Machines start working in the factories with us.  Robots has just started to talk to each other & share information & change decisions. =) if we continue to fight each other & continue killing people & continue wars and stop collaboration Machines will manage the world as they collaborate more than humans.


As Reid HoffMan puts it “No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy is, if you are playing a solo game you will always lose out to a team”

Thank you!


Mustafa Çelebi
Digital Customer Experience Country Leader
mustafa @ mustafacelebi . com

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